The History of Soi Cowboy, Bangkok.

In this article, we delve into the history of Soi Cowboy in Bangkok to understand the significance of its name and what makes this particular location one of its kind.


Soi Cowboy is a short street of about 150 meters long located in Bangkok, Thailand. Soi is a term that is used in Thailand. The Soi Cowboy is residence to numerous go-go bars. As the norm in Thailand, the go-go bars mainly serve alcoholic drinks and stage erotic dancers. Soi Cowboy is located near Sukhumvit Road between Sukhumvit Soi and Soi 23. The newly opened five-star Lancaster Bangkok hotel is a short walk from Terminal 21 also near Soi Cowboy.

Soi Cowboy: How it All Began

As with any foundation, Soi Cowboy has an exciting history. The Soi Cowboy was named after TG Edwards, a retired military airman of African-American descent. He was generally tall and always had his trademark cowboy hat that made him known as people as ‘Cowboy.’ Cowboy in his weekly columns.

This was after he opened the cowboy go-go club in the Soi in 1977. The Soi was named by Bernard Trink- a longtime nightlife Due to the heavy following and wide readership that he received, the name eventually stuck.

However before TG Edwards arrived, Soi cowboy used to be called Soi Gold Label. This was after a Bar called ‘Gold Label.’ The bar was opened in early 1975 and was one of its kinds in the area. It was mainly aimed at expatriates and was the first double shop house, multi-storey bar during its time. The upstairs area later became the first go-go bar in the Soi while the downstairs remained at the lounge bar.

It was the Gold label that set the peace for other concurrent clubs to open, and after three years of business. the ‘Cowboy’ had taken over after the Gold Label.

Into the Older days, the Soi was also full of activities to the presence of Americans that remained in Thailand after the Indochina wars. Though not a present-day site, they would pass by the Soi with their owners and the elephant food would be sold to tourists.

Experience the Rich Soi Cowboy History

Soi Cowboy went ahead to the end of the century. If you love the nightlife, Soi Cowboy is a must-go place in Bangkok. The nightlife is amazing and relatively affordable. With this knowledge of the street’s history, you will be one with a lively patron.


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