5 Nights Out In Shepherds Bush for Couples


Spending time as a couple is very important as it makes the relationship stronger. There are many suitable evening places, bars and restaurants to try while in shepherds bush. This makes the couple closer and makes wonderful memories together.


  1. Albertine wine bar

For those people who love wine tasting, this is the perfect place for them to try out different types of wines. This is among the romantic places in the area as they offer candlelit dinner which makes the couple feel special. They have great meals like the fish pie and wild boar sausages which go well with mashed potatoes.


  1. Princess Victoria

This pub has been around since 1892, and it has amazing architecture and the vintage look. If the couple loves a trip to the historic land, then this hotel is amazing to try. The hotel has preserved the original features and structure. The hotel has a huge wine selection that the couple can enjoy.


  1. Garden bar

The garden bar is a perfect place to spend time for a couple. The garden has an exterior bar under a thatched roof. Additionally, it is a perfect spot for date nights as it has a great screen for showing sports and movies. Additionally, they show comedy acts and acoustic music sessions to entertain everyone.



  1. Bar FM

Bar FM is a perfect little place for any couple either regular or as guests to attend. The place is open the whole night, and they have amazing DJs all night. Additionally, they have great open jamming sessions and karaoke which the couple can participate in. Moreover, they offer food throughout the night, and the couple can order any delicacy they want.


  1. K west hotel and spa

For a couple who love a little luxurious life, the K West hotel & spa is one of the best hotel shepherds bush to try. The hotel operates for 24 hours, and it has an amazing spa where they offer a couples massage. The hotel has a bar that serves drink all through the night, and the couple can have an amazing time in these places.



Any couple loves spending time with each other and tries out new things. From trying out the best restaurants in town to going from one club and pub. All these things are what makes the experience very fun.



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